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شركت فرش مهيار دليجان - Company in  دليجان, ایران - Allbiz
    شركت فرش مهيار دليجان - Company in  دليجان, ایران - Allbiz
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    شركت فرش مهيار دليجان - Company in  دليجان, ایران - Allbiz
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    ALL.BIZايران دليجانCompanies دليجانشركت فرش مهيار دليجان

    شركت فرش مهيار دليجان, دليجان

    شركت فرش مهيار دليجان, دليجان
    اضافه کردن به علاقمندي هابه اشتراک گذشتن
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    Сompany address: دليجان, ايران
    دليجان – كيلومتر چهار جاده اصفهان – شهرك صنعتي – خيابان نگارستان – خيابان نگار 1 – شركت فرش مهيار دليجان
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    About Us Mahyar Carpet Company, located in industrial Delijan Delijan (Km 4 Road Delijan - Isfahan), in the year 1384 officially began its production and was the market. Managers of the company twenty-four years experience in the textile industry, especially carpet machine technology gone optimal production service carpet was placed on for a reason that Mahyar immediately active in the carpet instead of its earlier days the mass similar products within the country and opened as one of the most quality carpet machine in a special place or was. Mahyar Carpet Company is one of the few centers that having the most modern weaving machinery Vtkmyl Vastfadh superior technology, currently more than 250,000 square meters annual carpet production in different quality levels will Vartqa’ little Vkyfy any program products Vmstmr serious is this company managers. Mahyar carpet to acknowledge all customers and vendors Carpet providing new designs and colors to beautiful and unique classification before Blamnaz TAZ is currently the industry. Design team, the company inspired Iranian carpets and original designs and its integration into the national art with modern designs and polish it with the power of creativity, invention and innovation their panel created some beautiful and lasting have to be able to fascinate the art and are adorned their warm circle section. According to the same customers every month, the company plans new waiting in the basket are goods company. Different color of other artistic projects and charity-minded personnel who design and production of raw materials and low quality carpet rival tissue has been obtained for representative Dygryst strength and stylish buyers of the company.
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